"Racing isn't who I am, its a means that I'm blessed with, in order to make a positive difference in people's lives"


For as long as Ryan remembers he has had a love affair with auto racing & competition. As a young boy, he spent many summer weekends watching his father race. 

Ryan is a man who puts faith and his boys first. Racing is like second-nature to him, but he's always considering "will this be of benefit to my boys & others" before making decisions about racing & life. He has a great sense of humor, and maintains a light heart through daily prayer and family relationships. Ryan's key focus on & off the track, is to be a positive role model for fans & fellow drivers. 

Ryan didn't get the chance to drive until he moved to the Twin Cities from Iowa in the fall of 2001. He got his first taste of speed & competition behind the wheel at Prokart Indoors! He began running leagues & enduros where he had great success, winning championships & races. Since then, he has lived for racing one thing or another. Ryan has raced everything from a Mini Pocket Rocket, Motocross to being chased around Brainerd International Raceway in his Neon SRT-4 by Corvettes.

If you could describe Ryan in one sentence, is would be: "Always pushing & never giving up"


Career Highlights

2010 Princeton Speedway  - Sportsmen of the Year

2013 Ogilvie Raceway Fan Vote Most Popular Driver

2014 National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Poll 360 Rookie of the Year

2015 UMSS Winged Sprint Car Champion

2016 UMSS Winged Sprint Car Champion

Feature Wins in 2018

Cedar Lake Speedway

Ogilvie Raceway

Feature Wins in 2017

Cedar Lake Speedway

Feature Wins in 2016

North Central Speedway

KRA Speedway

Feature Wins in 2015

Princeton Speedway

Oglivie Raceway

Hibbing Raceway

St. Croix Speedway

Rice Lake Speedway

Feature Wins in 2014

Oglivie Raceway

North Central Speedway

Cedar Lake Speedway

Farley Speedway


Ryan is on the fast track to the top of the Sprint Car world. Future plans include to contend & win in the World of Outlaws racing series.